Man Utd also needs to be “dyed again and again” like Arsenal

07 Th3 2022 | 10:46 | Football

 Man Utd continued to lose to great rival Man City in a match where legend Roy Keane described the Red Devils “playing as if they wanted to give up”.

Rangnick admits the strength of Man City

“In top football, there should be no place to give up. It is possible to fail, but the important thing is how to accept defeat. Even if you lose, you must at least show a fighting spirit. for the pride of the team,” Roy Keane said on Sky Sports shortly after Man Utd’s 1-4 defeat. 

This is not the first time Keane has criticized his juniors. In the first leg, at Old Trafford, the legend of Man Utd also said the same thing. And it seems that after 4 months, things are still the same even though the coaching bench has changed. 
Man Utd also need it once

 Man Utd was swept away by the power of Man City.

In the early hours of this morning, there were times when Man City completely overwhelmed the opponent with a ball control rate of more than 90%. Man Utd cannot play football properly against a Man City that is too old and classy. This may also be the reason why the Red Devils players have a mentality of letting go. 

Of course, for someone with “winning DNA” like Keane, it was unacceptable. However, no one in the starting line-up of Man Utd last night had the DNA of the Red Devils. Those who are used to winning like Cristiano Ronaldo or Raphaël Varane are all sidelined for different reasons. No one trustworthy showed up on the field for coach Ralf Rangnick to rely on. It was just the best squad in the worst case scenario Rangnick could come up with. 

Surely, this defeat will touch the pride of the BLD Man Utd. They will have to be bolder in blood changes next summer. A few weeks ago, ESPN reported that CEO Richard Arnold is ready to push away 11 players in the first team. After being “tortured” by Man City, perhaps this process will be expedited faster. 
Man Utd also need it once

 Rangnick still has a lot of work to do with Man Utd.

Man Utd is now like a person suffering from a serious illness. Only a “major surgery” can be done to save this empire . Like Man Utd, Arsenal fans have also reached the end of their boredom with lifeless defeats after Arsene Wenger. Unai Emery is somewhat similar to Ole Gunnar Solskjær, having the heart but not the talent to revive a large and complex team. 

After last night, Arsenal cemented a place in the top 4 with a beautiful 3-2 win over Watford. The essence of Wenger reappeared in every ball of the Gunners. But to “die again and again” like that, Arsenal had to trade 5 years not participating in the Champions League and 150 million pounds spent last summer. To be revived like Arsenal, the American owners at Old Trafford have no choice but to be patient.

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