Hanoi Club can’t live without Quang Hai

17 Th3 2022 | 12:03 | Football

Quang Hai’s winning goal against Thanh Hoa is proof that the Hanoi club is not ready for the breakup with the current top-class player in Vietnamese football.

Near the day of his departure, Hai is still an extremely important ancestor at Hanoi Club. He was the only scorer of the match, the one who brought back 3 valuable points for the team in the context of the rest helpless against the Thanh opponent. More interestingly, he did it after only 45 minutes on the field.

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 Quang Hai makes a difference at Hanoi Club. Photo: Minh Chien.

Quang Hai’s value

No. 19 of Hanoi club is the top player in Vietnam today. That has been acknowledged for a long time. Giving statistics to confirm that seems superfluous. In Hanoi FC, Quang Hai, although not the leader, still plays the most important role in tactical operation.

Before Thanh Hoa on the evening of March 16, Hanoi Club with and without Quang Hai were two completely different teams.

In the first half, the 1997 midfielder sat on the bench, the Hanoi club was not really overwhelming and tended to play longer balls. With full of good players like Van Quyet, Hung Dung, Tuan Hai, they are still powerless against Thanh Hoa’s disciplined defense system.

Everything changed when Hai “Con” was launched into the field at the beginning of the second half. With Hai, Hanoi’s midfield began to strangle Thanh Hoa. Kicking in the midfield position is not necessarily a forte, Hai still proves to be superior to the elder Le Pham Thanh Long on the opposite side. He held the ball, mastered the midfield, passed, passed, poked holes, creating a brighter game for his team.

It was Hai who brought home the corner in the 81st minute and from that corner, he scored the only goal of the match.

Quang Hai’s value does not stop at expertise. When the number 19 of Hanoi Club was introduced, the atmosphere on Hang Day Stadium was much more exciting. At the end of the match, many spectators tried to stay in the stands. This may be the last home match Quang Hai plays for Hanoi FC. He is like a magnet attracting the attention of fans.

His charm also spread to the press room after the match. Coach Chun answered 6 questions, 5 of which were related to the contract of Quang Hai and the capital team. The departure or stay of this player is more concerned with professional issues and what happened a few minutes earlier on the football field.

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 Quang Hai has one match left for Hanoi FC before the end of his contract. Photo: Minh Chien.

Coach Chun needs Quang Hai

“Quang Hai is the best player in Vietnamese football. As a coach, I always want to work with a player like him. I know Hai and the club are negotiating a new contract and hope to have good news,” he said. Chun Jae-ho said his first sentence in the post-match press conference room.

Mr. Petrovic from Thanh Hoa said that Quang Hai was not the best factor on the capital team’s side, but Coach Chun did not think so. In 5 answers about number 19, the captain of Hanoi Club 3 times said “I have always wanted to work with Quang Hai”.

To Zing’s question whether he and his partner would be confident with the current force of Hanoi Club if Quang Hai was absent, the Korean leader did not answer directly. He said: “He and the team are still negotiating, there is no official result. Personally, I always want to work with Quang Hai. This issue is difficult to answer at this time.”

From February 19, Coach Chun temporarily took over the position of head coach of Hanoi FC after compatriot Park Chong-kyun returned to Korea. In less than 3 weeks in charge, this strategist has 2 matches in the V.League, one draw, one win, but still faces many criticisms from the home team’s fans.

“I’ve always struggled to build a beautiful, dedicated attacking style. However, 3 weeks is very short. I have to face many difficulties and will try to overcome the limitations in the near future. “ , he said. This military leader is likely to face another problem that will come in the near future when the Hanoi and Quang Hai clubs end their contracts.

Mr. Chun understands this well. The captain of the capital team also said that he himself had exchanges and expressed his wishes to Quang Hai. However, whether the player born in 1997 goes or stays in the capital team, this coach cannot decide for himself. “If he wants to go abroad. I am ready to create conditions. The Hanoi club’s coaching board will have to find a way to replace him,” he said.

Of course, they will have to find an alternative. But the question is, who can replace and who can replace Quang Hai in Vietnam?

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