Men’s Tennis Finishes SJU Fall Invite With Strong Performance

25 Th11 2021 | 07:14 | Tennis

PHILADELPHIA – The Drexel men’s tennis team returned to Saint Joseph’s University to compete in the final day of the Hawks’ Fall Invitational. Alan Jesudason highlighted Drexel’s performance with a win in the flight number two bracket.

Jesudason continued to show his dominance in the invitational on the third and final day. The freshman competed against the fourth-seeded Matt Kleiman of Lehigh in the finals match and defeated him in two sets. The win is Jesudason’s first tournament win of his collegiate career. The last time a Dragon won at the SJU Fall Invitational was in 2017.

Joining Jesudason in winning hardware was Matvey Radionov. The senior upended Justin Suarez of Villanova, 8-5, in the consolation bracket of flight number two. In the finals match, Radionov defeated his opponent from Lehigh, 8-2.

In doubles play, the duo of Djordje Janackovic and Juan Manuel Sanchez marched to a commanding victory over their opponents from Lehigh, 6-1, in the finals match of flight number two.

The Dragons will now turn their attention towards the Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s Regional tournament on October 14. The six-day tournament will be held on Penn’s campus and will feature the region’s top talent.


Alex De Sousa (4) (Flight 1)
(4)Alex De Sousa def. Pablo Perez Ramos (NJIT), 6-2, 6-3 (Round 1)
Mikeal Carpenter (MSU) def. (4)Alex De Sousa, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (4) (Round 2)

Matvey Radionov (Flight 2)
Niles Rachal (MSU) def. Matvey Radionov, 6-1, 6-7 (3), 10-5 (Round 1)
Matvey Radionov def. Amine El Kholti (NJIT), w/o (Consol. Round 1)
Matvey Radionov def. Justin Suarez (VU), 8-5 (Consol. Round 2)
Matvey Radionov def. Jordan Paul (LEH), 8-2 (Consol. Finals)

Sanil Jagtiani (Flight 2)
(4)Matt Kleiman (LEH) def. Sanil Jagtiani, 6-3, 6-4 (Round 1)
Justin Suarez (VU) def. Sanil Jagtiani, w/o (Consol. Round 1)

Alan Jesudason (Flight 2)
Alan Jesudason def. Jordan Paul (LEH), 6-3, 6-2 (Round 1)
Alan Jesudason def. Valdoleiros (UD), 6-2, 7-5 (Round 2)
Alan Jesudason def. Fourticq (VU), 6-3, 6-2 (Round 3)
Alan Jesudason def. (4) Matt Kleiman (LEH), 7-6 (5), 6-2 (Finals)

Juan Manuel Sanchez (Flight 3)
(1) Liam Hedlund (UD) def. Juan Manuel Sanchez, 7-6 (6), 6-3 (Round 1)
Juan Manuel Sanchez def. Peter Leese (MW), 8-4 (Consol. Round 1)
Matthew Jones (VU) def. Juan Manuel Sanchez, 9-8 (1) (Consol. Round 2)

Gustav Wogen (Flight 3)
Sebastian Lopez (MSU) def. Gustav Wogen, 6-3, 7-5 (Round 1)
Gustav Wogen def. Lukas Choi (VU), 8-2 (Consol. Round 1)
Gustav Wogen def. Enrique Soto Ballester (JEFF), w/o (Consol. Round 2)
Matthew Jones (VU) def. Gustav Wogen, 8-3 (Consol. Finals)

Xandy Hammitt (Flight 3)
Xandy Hammitt def. Juan Bejarano (NJIT), 6-2, 6-4 (Round 1)
Xandy Hammitt def. Eitan Kromochenko (VU), 4-6, 7-6 (6), 10-6 (Round 2)
Sebastian Lopez (MSU) def. Xandy Hammitt, 7-6 (5), 2-6, 2-4, ret. (Round 3)

(5) Djordje Janackovic (Flight 4)
(5) Djordje Janackovic BYE (Round 1)
Noah Winton (VU) def. (5) Djordje Janackovic, 6-3, 1-6, 10-5 (Round 2)
Mateo Navarro (JEFF) def. Djordje Janackovic, w/o

Alex De Sousa/Alan Jesudason (Doubles Flight 1)
Alex De Sousa/Alan Jesudason def. Marc Blekhman/Zack Elliott (LEH), 6-2 (Round 1)
Mikeal Carpenter/Rhajzon Rankins (MSU) def. Alex De Sousa/Alan Jesudason, 6-1 (Round 2)

(3) Xandy Hammitt/Sanil Jagtiani (Doubles Flight 1)
(3) Xandy Hammitt/Sanil Jagtiani def. Hutchison/Watson (MW), 6-3
(3) Xandy Hammitt/Sanil Jagtiani def. Fenjiro/Perrone (SJU), w/o
Alexandre Gluck/Guillherme (UD) def. (3) Xandy Hammitt/Sanil Jagtiani, w/o

(4) Djordje Janackovic/Juan Manuel Sanchez (Doubles Flight 2)
(4) Djordje Janackovic/ Juan Manuel Sanchez def. Meyer/Tecce (MW), 6-2
(4) Djordje Janackovic/Juan Manuel Sanchez def. Gary Fishkin/Andrew Nakhjaven (LEH), 6-3
(4) Djordje Janackovic/Juan Manuel Sanchez def. Martlal Kawunde/Sebastian Lopez (MSU), 6-3
(4) Djordje Janackovic/Juan Manuel Sanchez def. Michael Bukhalo/Jordan Paul (LEH), 6-1

(2) Matvey Radionov/Gustav Wogen (Doubles Flight 2)
(2) Matvey Radionov/Gustav Wogen def. Mario Antonio/Enrique Soto Ballester, 6-3
(2) Matvey Radionov/Gustav Wogen def. Nicholas Gore/Liam Hedlund (UD), w/o
Michael Bukhalo/Jordan Paul (LEH) def. (2) Matvey Radionov/Gustav Wogen, 6-4

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