The appearance of a 2m26 tall ‘dinosaur’ caused a fever in the world basketball community

26 Th12 2021 | 10:34 | Basketball

14-year-old Chinese female basketball player Zhang Ziyu is expected to become as great as the legendary Yao Ming when possessing a huge height.

Zhang Ziyu is 14 years old from Shandong province, in Eastern China and is 2m26 tall. It is known that Ziyu’s parents are both professional basketball players and they are both over 2m tall. Therefore, the fact that Zhang Ziyu has a “huge” height is a successful result that parents pass on to their daughters.

It is known that Zhang Ziyu’s idols are two NBA superstars James and Harden. After graduating from elementary school, Ziyu joined Tsinghua High School’s famous basketball team. At the same time, Zhang Ziyu also entered the Chinese Basketball Association’s U13 basketball training camp.

Zhang Ziyu began to be known to the world basketball community after leading his team to win the national U15 championship. With a height of 2m26, Zhang Ziyu easily scored and saved against opponents 0.7m shorter than him. In the U15 final, Ziyu scored 42 points, 25 rebounds and 6 blocks, an astounding number for a female athlete.

What makes netizens most interested is that Zhang Ziyu is compared to the Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming, who has a height of 2.29m. Chinese experts also revealed that if Zhang Ziyu participates in the WNBA women’s world basketball tournament, this tournament may be turned upside down in the next decade.

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